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    on-prem  pagination is broken with customizations


      Hello Jivers,


      We are upgrading our application from to and we found that pagination is broken only in places.


      Steps:  1. Navigate to any community landing page which has more than 20+ content items

      2. Click on All content ( it should render 20items and pagination gets enabled for the next 20 list items)


      Issue:  For example, we have a community with 300+ content and the pagination is not showing up, also we could see only 10items when we hit the "All Content". This is happening only in our staging environment. It doesn't show up with customizations in my local setup or in developer environment (All these environments have same customizations and themes deployed.)..  REST is broken with /places/{placeID}/contents only in staging, I am trying to get some help through the source code, but no clue why its breaking ?


      Any pointers on why this is being broken ? Ryan RutanMatt CollingeScott A Johnson