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    Strange UI problem in Jiveworks

    panikal Advanced

      I've been seeing this for a while. It affects both Firefox and Chrome.



      I see this behavior when trying to find the place to post a support case, sometimes when replying.


      It DOES NOT happen when I click create if I'm currently in my customer group - for example if I'm anywhere else and click the pencil to create a case, its like this.



      When I'm currently in our support group, it affects things like 'environment' or quotes on replies...I don't remember all the random places I've seen this.


      Its been like this since at least the Jive 9 upgrade, maybe even before, I don't remember when I first started seeing it. Browser cache has been cleared multiple times in the last six months so it can't be that. Sorry I'm just busy and never reported this to you before. It doesn't affect functionality but its a bit ugly...... Thanks! (FYI Libby Taylor)