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    How do you manage copyright on your instance ?




      We are currently facing different situations :

      • people use any picture they find on google
      • they integrate vides from YouTube,
      • they use suppliers' videos without written consent
      • they spead newspaper articles ...


      I'm afraid if our legal experts write rules, we won't be abe to publish anything else than texts.


      I would be very interested in knowing about your own experience.

      How do you deal with these situation in your internal communities  ?

      Are you rather permissive ?  Do you try to raise awareness about copyright ? Did write rules  ?

      Have you ever faced any copyright problem ?

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          Libby Taylor

          I can answer a little bit from my experience... when I was an internal community manager, the general feeling was that if the image was being used inside the company only and would never be used in marketing materials or externally in any way, the risk of copyright infringement was mitigated so people looked the other way. You could probably extend that attitude to videos and articles as well. I would think sharing external articles internally is a fairly common practice in Jive-n communities.

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            Andrew Gilleran

            Copyright does extend to intranets and internal platforms like Jive.




            As Libby said it is important to emphasize where the content is being used. If someone gets images from Google, puts them on a PowerPoint and then shares that presentation publicly on SlideShare then you would have an issue. It is a breach of copyright.


            By and large, content can be shared (videos embedded from YouTube for example) internally once the source is clear. Supplier videos if they are in the public domain should also be fine once they are identified clearly as being from that supplier. However if the videos are an actual product that has been purchased and are then being shared with others then that might be an issue.


            You can't pass off the content as your own even internally. You can't cut and paste articles from newspapers and web sites. That is a breach of copyright. You can link to it or reference it as the source. As your Jive instance is probably for employees you are unlikely to get caught but there is always a chance.


            Some ideas

            1. Our Marketing team have a stock image library on Jive for images that can be used for internal and external purposes. We used Adobe stock images which we paid a licence for.

            2. Share links to free photo/image sites like https://pixabay.com/ - a quick search on Google can bring up a defined list for you.

            3. You need a short guide as to what people can and cannot use and communicate that to people. It should be part of employee policy. Legally then at least you have told employees about it and they have accepted it as part of their terms and conditions.

            4. You can use RSS feeds for many web sites and news outlets and/or show people how to include them on your Jive instance that bring in content. That is allowable as they will usually have a summary and a link to the source content.

            5. Our Marketing team share a daily industry update on Jive which they get from Feedly (free and pro versions) which is an advanced RSS monitoring tool. It's great for keeping track of content from many sources. https://feedly.com


            Now I am not a lawyer! This is just my experience of managing intranets over the years.

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              Libby Taylor

              One other thing to note, if your employees use Jive Anywhere to pull in outside/web articles into your community, it captures a snippet of the article but also links back out directly to the article. It's a good way to share the content but clearly indicate that it's not authored by the person posting it. For more info, check out: Jive Anywhere

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                Our legal team gave us a briefing not long after we launched when they saw that people were posting photos of themselves as celebrities or characters. I had no idea at the time that it wasn't allowed since it was a commonplace occurrence in social media channels. I reached out to users to politely ask them to find a different photo (preferably their own!) to use instead.


                Users will occasionally copy/paste an article from elsewhere on the internet and I reach out to them as well with a friendly note advising them that it's better to use a snippet of the article and include the link so users can read more about it at the source.


                We added this information to our guidelines after our discussion with the legal team:


                Please be sincere in your community or group participation by only contributing valid, useful content. And, please only share content that we have the right to post. We don't like it when other people violate our copyright ownership without permission, and we should take the same approach to other people's photos, movies, articles and music.

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