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    public-restricted invitees don't have an obvious "accept" button as they do for private groups


      Dear fellow ECMs,

      I'm putting this out in the JC (oh, I mean the AW ?) to get your comments.


      We finally implemented "new group paradigm" July 1st and wonder if anyone else is struggling for traction regarding member invites on public-restricted groups. They don't realize the accept button is only available in their Jive Inbox.


      • private group invite arrives as an email with a clickable link
      • user clicks link and is taken to welcome page where they accept the invitation
      • refresh of page takes them to the group, they're in. OK


      But for a public-restricted group:


      • public-restricted group invite arrives as an email with a clickable link
      • user clicks and is taken to the public group
      • they think they're in, but they're not. KO.


      We need some kind of UI cue on the group page to accept the invitation to become a "member" (disagree with this terminology for what it actually is, and I spend endless time explaining the difference between membership in a private group and a public-restricted group) so they can edit and create content.


      We the clickable link in the email invite needs to accept the invitation.

      The notification in Jive inbox isn't enough; our users are in Jive-for-Outlook.


      Thanks for your feedback. I have also raised this as a private case.



      P.S. Did you know that your full-access user can't forcefully invite new public-restricted members? (also have a private case for that)