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    POST API call giving 404 error in JIVE.. but works when running simple html file through jquery with CORS

    satyam@spglobal.com Novice

      Hi All,


      Below is the screenshot of the API call that was made from a code snippet in a JIVE preview instance and although a POST call it goes as OPTIONS and fails and gives a 404, under both network and console :



      Whereas when done from a simple HTML file with jquery, the POST call succeeds with the same code :



      P.S : CORS was enabled in chrome when testing this and although the second case only succeeded when CORS was on in chrome but call from JIVE instance still didn't succeed even after that.


      Any ideas and suggestions would be much appreciated. Also, I can provide specific portions of code as well depending upon the code sharing policies allowed so that you can guide me better. Thanks!!