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    AUREA CRM client

    markuswelter Novice

      Dear AUREA-Team,


      are there any news for the AUREA CRM Client (Win 10 App)?

      What are the plans for this product? Is there a fix date for the first version and when it is possible to use features such serial entry?


      Looking forward to here news about the client!


      Best regards


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          markuswelter Novice

          Hello together,


          are there any news or informations for us to this topic?


          Best regards


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            Michael Obermaier Novice



            apologies for not answering earlier.  We are still planning to release a first version of CRM.client for Windows 10 and iPhone by the first (W10) and second (iOS) week of July.

            Technically within the first week of July based on the release approval in the respective app stores.


            The scope of this first release will be

            • Log into app in any language available
            • Download CRM information according to predefined data set
            • Access settings and provide logs in case of errors
            • Show simplified start page
            • Use Global Search for CRM data
            • Access Search & List for all configured info areas
            • Search for records in configured info areas
            • View records in configured info areas
            • Edit existing records in configured info areas
            • Create new records in configured info areas


            Although, at this stage, CRM.client for Windows 10 can do much more we have decided to keep both apps (W10 and iPhone) on par, to avoid confusion over functional gaps.


            Within the upcoming quarters we will gradually add new capabilities with the ultimate goal to replace the CRM.pad app with a completely identical CRM.client for iPad app.


            The Serial Entry capability is not yet planned for any specific quarter, however, we plan to deliver it this year. As soon as I have an update, I will let you know by posting it here.


            All the best,


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