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    News Stream - Private Group


      If I create a private group for Managers, and then create a News Feed which pushes this private groups content to all people with a profile field designating them a manager, will all managers see the content regardless of if they are a member of the private group or not?

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          You always need access to the content to be able to see it. This also applies to the News Feed.

          In this case if you are not a member of the private group you'll see an empty News Feed.

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            Jive does have a way to bulk upload users into a group without going through the joining process. It's called Admin Essentials and you may want to reach out to your account manager about the exact details and how it can help with your situation. Here is an FAQ about it: Admin Essentials FAQ. It's a little dated but the information is accurate (We actually use it here in AureaWorks to help people into their private support groups).

            Helen Chen also made a great suggestion. You can have a private space and give them access by adding them all to a permission group. Then you can use News to push email notifications to everyone in that permission group when content is added to that space, even if they are not following it (although it won't show up in their Jive inbox unless they are following, which is annoying). Using permission groups and a space instead of a group would also allow your Managers to see the content in the space without having to "join" first but they would need to know that the space exists .

            Hope this helps and let me know if I can clarify anything.