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    Are you interested in a Jive training suite?


      Hi everyone


      I've been teaching and training Jivers for some time now and one thing I'd like to see more of is guidance on how to use it to create great outcomes.


      I'm considering creating an end-to-end Jive training suite that really goes into how to use Jive and the behaviours you can use it to work better together and make significant strides in collaboration, use cases and community growth. Topics would include:

      • Setting yourself up, networking, managing notifications
      • Growing your network
      • Collaboration
      • Creating groups and advanced group design
      • Supporting teams in working out of Jive
      • Communication, strategies, creating viral content and engagement
      • Jive analytics, analysis and taking action
      • Community management
      • Running projects
      • Leading, leadership and becoming an influencer
      • Blogging
      • and more!


      The training would be a really easy to digest blend of short annotated videos, screencasts, graphics and things to work on. Here's a couple of examples of what I've produced internally - How Jive works infographic , Introduction to collaboration training video


      The training course would be available for purchase with per user costs and enterprise offerings as well as single sign on options too.


      It's not built right now so my question is - is this something that your business would value and want to buy and if it was, what per user cost would you consider?


      Thanks for the help all!




      Dina Vekaria-Patel Michelle Gantt