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    Why is Jive trying to kill Firefox?


      Every once in a while, if I have at least four tabs open to a Jive instance in Firefox, each tab will consume 100% CPU usage apiece, and Firefox memory consumption increases by hundreds of megabytes to gigabytes.


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Open Firefox on any architecture (tested: Windows, Linux).
      2. Open 4-8 tabs of the Aureaworks Jive instance.


      Jive advertises Firefox support, and while AureaWorks cannot necessarily support the absolute latest version of Firefox, this issue has been occurring for at least as long as Firefox 57 has been released (late 2017), and the next ESR release will reproduce this as well.


      What I would like to see is an acknowledgment of this issue and a demonstrative action to address it. If a workaround is not feasible, then please work with Mozilla to fix Firefox's behavior. Or remove Firefox from the list of supported browsers.