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    Question about collaboration




      Our company launched our Jive community in March. So far, our community has been focused on communication but we are getting ready to start telling users that they can use the community for collaboration, and we are gearing up to push out the Jive for Offfice plugins to our employees.


      We are having a lot of discussions internally around what types of data and files we should allow users to post in the site, and where files should go if they don't go in our community. Our customer success manager is trying to hook us up with some other Aurea customers that we could talk to, but he suggested we post something here.


      I'd love to hear what other companies are doing with collaboration in their communities. We're in the automotive industry, but any input would be welcome.



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          Sarah O'Meara did we post this in the correct place?

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            Hi Bruce! This is great. I think your new Jive community would be a great place to test uploading and managing those existing files. I know many customers use Jive as their primary document management system, and I'm sure others could provide some feedback on that Since the search is so nimble, it's quite easy for users to surface what they need once you upload it.


            In short, by building your community architecture using Spaces and Subspaces, you will have complete freedom over permissions and who can do what. So you might give different levels of access to departments or key leaders... For example: You may allow your department/ use case owners to upload files, create documents, & manage all available content - while at the same time, giving regular end users access to only comment, or ask questions. That way there is some clarity around the more official pieces of documentation.


            Also, don't forget about Categories & Tags! These are great ways to organize content globally and within your places.


            The sky is the limit, but I hope this helps a bit.


            Cox Automotive comes to mind as a great example of a customer in your industry making waves and collaborating on Jive.

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