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    Discrepancy in Space Followers Count

    akoplen Advanced

      Hi there,


      When attempting to see the total number of followers for a space, I notice two different outcomes from two different experiences.


      1. If I browse places > spaces > (https://community.jivesoftware.com/places?itemView=detail&filterID=all~objecttype~space) I can see a list of all spaces with a number count. If I focus on Customers - Jive Hub, you can see the count is 604:
      2. Then, if I actually navigate to the Customers - Jive Hub space, and click the "People" tab, I see "Followers" (Customers - Jive Hub). This list stops after 18 people listed, and there is no mention of the other possible 586.

      Why does the followers list at the actual space level not note the number of followers, or at least provide a list with multiple pages to account for all the followers.


      Perhaps this is a known bug? Or I am missing something?


      Thank you!



      cc: Jennifer Butterfield