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    Third party tile load times slow

    kswallow Expert

      The load time for the third party TemboSocial polls and surveys tool and the recognition tool are slow.


      For example, the poll takes over 7 seconds to fully load. I've already had discussions about this with TemboSocial and have been told that Jive needs to fix this due to how content is loaded on the Jive system. I created a Jive support case but was told that is not handled by support and was referred to this space.


      This is how I understand it:

      • First Jive loads Jive content on the page
      • Then Jive loads 3rd party content
      • The timing of the loading breaks down as follows:
        • TemboSocial tile loading starts @3.5s, stops loading @7.6s
        • Proxied secure RPC calls take up 2s of that 3.5s


      From a user perspective, it is frustrating, and even slower depending on someone's internet connection.


      How can Jive improve these load times? We already launched the recognition tool company-wide and are working on new ways to engage people with the tool. Also, we just purchased the polls and surveys tool and will be rolling out polls and surveys site-wide and using it to measure employee engagement among other things. These are two very high profile use cases of Jive (users don't realize polls or recognition are third party add ons), so any poor user experience or slow load times gets reflected back at Jive and can impact platform adoption.


      Please provide your thoughts on this.