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    Does anyone have a workaround for the 'blank/black video' first pane?


      Videos look rather horrid on the News homepage because you can't add a thumbnail image at the start. Same happens when they are featured. Is this something that will come and does anyone have a workaround?


      This is top of our homepage (to the left of title/description). Doesn't look very professional...


      Our video expert said:

      We tried replacing the video file with one that had a still graphic in the beginning and no fade and it didn't work. The real issue here is that the Hub should function like every other video streaming site and allow the user to select a frame for the thumbnail. Trying to find a solution for it in the edit doesn't make sense at all. The videos stand on their own. The hub is a way to get the content out. It should support the functionality that people are used to.