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    Allowing users to opt in to News streams ?


      Hi Folks,

      I've done some searching and think I pieced a lot of this together but wanted to be sure.


      I've decided to turn off the News Digest in my community. In lieu of that I  was was hoping to allow users to opt in to other stream notifications. However, when I go to my own preferences I can't select the email option on those streams. I know I can administratively turn on notifications for a stream when creating it but this defaults to  everyone getting all activity.  The streams are way too active for this and many of my users don't know how to manage those settings(meaning upset users). Is there a different way or is that all there is?

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          I think you've nailed it. And the only real option if they are too active is to convince people to read the streams on their desktop or in the mobile app. It is frustrating that they can't have the option to set email for those. I think the plan at one time had been to add that capability, but I think it fell off the radar during the acquisition.

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            Becky Dozier

            Hi Jessica


            I am aware of a bug logged with our Support team that does not allow you to change email preferences for "official news streams". You have the drop-downs under Preferences, and you can change the settings (All Activity/Daily Summary/Twice-a-week/Once-a-week) BUT those settings are not maintained on "Save".  The settings ARE maintained for any custom streams a user creates. This is for Cloud 2016.3.10.


            One of our customers found this problem when they were playing with the option of disabling Email Notifications every time there was activity in a News stream (that can get pretty overwhelming for sure). We wanted to provide support for users to configure their emails themselves, in the Profile Preferences. 


            Maybe this is not associated with the issue you are mentioning in your question, but I'd thought I'd bring it up, just in case.

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                Hi Becky Dozier Thanks for the follow up. We're on Cloud 2018.2( I think). I and I assume my users don't have access to those drop downs on global feeds ( they're greyed out), unless I set the notify users. This makes sense on some level but it makes me opt everyone in instead of giving community users the option. I would love if this was just a bug and users had access to those settings without me pushing the default.