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    Weird visual theme issue when user logs in

    Andrew Gilleran

      Now this has been with Aurea Support so it is ongoing but I am stumped and wanted to share it here. We have just migrated to 2018.2.


      We have two users where the top navigation menu looks like the CSS/theme has not fully applied. But it is not a browser related or local machine issue (after considerable testing). The image was done when we thought it might be browser related. It's only a visual thing, it doesn't affect the functionality.


      We have used multiple browsers, incognito mode, cleared cache and more. The last test I did today was when one user (who is a System Admin on Jive) logged into Jive using Firefox on MY laptop using his Jive account. He had the issue. I have been using Firefox all day for testing using my own account and a test user account. It was fine for me. Also this user has the Jive Admin account (he's one of our main IT guys). That is also fine when he logs into Jive. So it doesn't matter what machine, browser or network he uses, the top menu looks awful once the user logs in they are not getting the correct menu design. Support have looked at the two user accounts but nothing is showing as an issue.


      Final note, the IT guy has had this issue for some time while the other user only had it after the migration. So doubly weird!

      Thoughts most welcome. Please.