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    Disable RSVP for Events


      Is it possible to disable or turn off the RSVP function when creating events?

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          Helen Chen

          Hi Howard - So sorry for the very late response on this.  I just noticed your question.   I do not believe that this is possible.


          We encounter this issue in running our User Group areas in AureaWorks.  We generally add a large button with a link to the correct RSVP mechanism, with mixed success.  It would be a good enhancement for events management. 



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            Andrew Kratz

            Great to meet up with you at AE18, Howard!  Now everyone is going to feel bad they left you hanging with all of your posted questions  

            Maybe it was because of the suspicious van avatar you are using?  Just saying. 


            Looking forward to partnering with you and getting you up to speed so you can start sharing some of the great work and ideas Holman comes up with on your journey.


            Talk soon!  #JerseyStrong