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    Social Edge is building a new tile & we want your input!

    Erin Haines Advanced

      The Social Edge team is excited to announce that we're building a 10th Tile for Jive and we want your input!


      Currently we have nine awesome Tiles by Social Edge available, which we have productized based on requests and feedback directly from our clients, and we continue to evolve these tiles to meet your needs. This fall, we are looking to add an additional tile to our roster, and the Tiles by Social Edge team is looking for ideas from the AureaWorks community on what this new tile should be.  Let us know what is on your tile wish list!!


      What new tile would you like to use in your community? Maybe an RSS tile to bring external streams in? Or how about a poll or survey tile that you can submit a vote to directly? The possibilities are endless!


      So, please add a comment below with an idea, suggestion, a question even around what types of tiles you think would add value to your Jive communities, bring life to your Jive pages, and enhance your use cases.


      We value the input of this community, and will keep everyone posted in this space with updates on the 10th tile and progress!