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    Have any tips for keeping momentum going in Champion/Advocate Group in an long-standing community?


      For those of you who are CMs in long-standing communities (December will be 6 years for us), I'd love to hear more about:

      • How do you keep momentum going in your champion/advocate program year-over-year?
      • Do you revamp/restart the program annually or is it continue on a rolling basis?
      • How often do you meet (either in person/over the phone)?
      • What topics do you cover, especially when there's nothing"new"?


      I'm asking because I've let our group go dormant for too long and need to pick it back up.  I want to make the meetings relevant for everyone but have found that there is a huge variance in Jive-knowledge (though everyone is passionate about our community). I started meeting monthly initially, but after a few months I reduced it to quarterly and instead opted to include online discussions or challenges for the months between calls. When we had monthly calls, attendance was pretty low compared to what I saw quarterly, and I wasn't scrambling (as much) for topics.

      Previous topics I've had in meetings include:

      • training to help them know how to train others
      • Champion showcases of groups/spaces they're working on
      • New feature training pre/post upgrades
      • I've held one-on-one meetings with each champion to get their feedback, answer questions, and learn what they're working on


      Thanks in advance for any tips or ideas you can share.