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    Shout-out to a fantastic support rep - Christopher Schoerning!


      I am conscious of the fact that there has been a lot of grousing about support issues, and that I have participated in a lot of it. So I felt it was important to also point out a fantastic example of GREAT customer service.


      I've have a few cases open recently that were picked up by Chris Schoerning. He's shepherded them ALL THE WAY through the process. For example, rather than simply telling me something was being excalated to the next level of support, he continues to watch the case and post back that he's trying to get it picked up. In another instance when a bug was fixed in an upcoming release of J4O, he held onto the case until he knew the new version was released, and then commented back that it was out, told me how to download, and that I could reach out if I had any trouble.


      Huge kudos! This is the kind of support we appreciate, and thank you so much for providing it. It does both you and your company credit to manage cases this way.