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    Images Not Rendering in Discussions


      I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue we're having in 9.0.5 hosted, and I'm wondering if it sounds familiar to any other CMs.


      An employee posts a discussion and includes images (either drag/drop or using the insert icon). When I or the author go to the direct link to the discussion, we can see the images in the discussion they posted just fine. However, everyone else is seeing a black X where the image should be. This is occurring in IE and Chrome.


      I can't seem to recreate the issue myself, but enough people have reported it to be an issue I'd like to solve. I thought it might be due to file names (as they images include a - or (), but that doesn't seem to be the case every time.


      I found the following discussions but it appears the issues were from prior versions.

      Images disappearing on publish

      JIVE-755 - Possible for images to not be properly associated with the content into which they are embedded


      Has anyone else experienced this?