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    Handling terminated employees & indicating deactivated accounts?


      When an employee is terminated or leaves our company, IT runs a process to automatically deactivate their Jive account. We deactivate instead of delete so that their content remains, but I'm wondering if their is a way to indicate somehow on their profile that they are no longer an employee, for the sake of other users? For example, if a current employee searches the name of a recently-terminated employee (whose account has been deactivated), her profile comes up, and there is nothing on it to indicate she no longer works at our company--or at least nothing that I am aware of. That has caused some confusion. How do you guys deal with this?

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          Claire Fletcher

          Hi Bristel, I can't remember which customer I've seen do this, but people sometimes replace the employee photo with a picture that has a standard 'deactivated' or similar image to show the employee is no longer with the company.


          However, it was my recollection that deactivated employees shouldn't come back in searches, and that you would only find their profile if you found some of their content and clicked on the author name - is this not the way things are working for you?

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            Helen Chen

            On my site, the user's photo is replaced by the grey head avatar and their profile says (deactivated) when you see the  profile via search.  You can go directly to the profile to see the full image. 


            I don't see a setting for this, so you might log a ticket and ask support how this works. 

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              Agree with Claire and Helen - deactivated users should not show up in the Jive search - the only way to reach their profiles is to click on their name from a piece of content that they created - and then the profile image is removed and the word "deactivated" is added to the name.


              This makes me wonder if the users are truly deactivated on the Jive side, Bristel Minsker. Can you go into the admin console > people and see if users who should be deactivated are showing up that way in the user list? They should have an orange-y background color in their row.

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                Stuart McIntyre

                You will also find the deactivated users via the advanced search page (<your community url>/search) by selecting the People filter and then the 'Show deactivated users' checkbox. When the user is deactivated, the profile image will be replaced as others have suggested, and many of the profile fields will be emptied as well.


                As Michelle has suggested, this makes me think that there is something not quite right about the deactivation process in your community. Is it possible that the IT folks are manually deactivating them in Jive, and then the Active Directory sync is automatically reactivating them again? Do you know if:

                • you are using AD sync?
                • these users have been deleted or deactivated in AD?
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                  Thank you all for the quick replies! I'm going to look into the theories you all have presented to figure out what's going on. We do use Active Directory, but because of the nature of our company (a roll-up of 24 other companies around the globe) not ALL employees are currently on Active Directory (yet), so IT has had to build a lot of manual processes. I'm thinking there is a breakdown in there somewhere.