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    Is there any evidence that the "onboarding / Get started"on Jive actually helps users use better Jive?


      I'm facing a challenge,


      Whenever we invite a new colleague to join Jive, instead of ending up in the Community URL we sent him or her, they end up in the "onboarding/Get Started" jive page. With a big impressive guy and team looking down at him/her


      Is there any evidence that this User Experience is better than letting the user end up where he/she was invited initially to?


      Darrell Cook this is the "unwelcoming photo" I talked to you about.


      Think of this scenario:


      It's your first time you log into Jive, and you find yourself "welcomed" by a big guy looking down at you, surrounded by another guy and two women in power poses, taken from a low-angle... boy I'm not sure I want to collaborate with these people, they seem skilled, dominant and

      this is my first try at this tool, I'm the newbie here.


      According to Wikipedia: "In the codes of cinema and photography, the low-angle is often used "to translate a dominant position, or frightening, a feeling of power" , or to magnify the subject.


      If they are the dominant, what am I? 


      On any case, I have already deactivated this "Get started" thanks to Michelle's instructions, it seems like a minor detail, but we are trying to "welcome" 14K people (or on your case thousands of Jive customers) with a group of dominant people. Yikes!


      I'm not sure it's the best incentive to collaborate. I'm sure it's possible to find a more welcoming photo.






      Michelle Gantt



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