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    Contest to boost adoption rate?


      My Jive community is relatively new--we launched to about 3500 employees around the globe on Aug 1st 2018.  My User count is hovering around 1,950 (the user account is created with the user logs in for the first time), and I'd like to run a contest to drive that number over the 2k mark by the end of the year.


      My initial idea is to ask employees to check in with (aka peer pressure) their colleagues and encourage them to login if they haven't already, and enter every single user into a prize drawing if we can surpass 2k users by the end of 2018.


      I'm wondering if anyone has does a similar contest, or has a better idea to help drive adoption? I'd like to be able to celebrate the 2k users milestone in some way.


      For context, my company is a rollup of 24 businesses (mostly industrial, manufacturing and life sciences) with locations in more than 20 countries, all with different IT infrastructures. Jive is literally our first truly enterprise-wide tool. It's currently only available to our 3500 office workers, but will be rolling out to several thousand additional frontline production workers next year.

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          Congratulations on your new community!

          Another way to create an adoption-inducing contest is to host a photo contest of some sort where everyone comments on a discussion with their image submission. Enjoy!

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              Claire Fletcher

              I've seen this work really well, and I've seen people do a spin on it as well where they ask that the image include the community branding in some way, or if you created some launch swag, that the swag be in the picture in some way.


              Depending on how people are generally feeling about the community, you could also ask them to include a couple of sentences about how they're using the community and how it's helping them, with a special prize for the most creative/impactful/interesting. You can then use these stories in your ongoing promotional materials.

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                  During Aurea Experience someone has done the photo contest with Christmas pictures.


                  You can also make a hunt through documents that they need to read, think about 'how to complete your profile', the blog about the new intranet and some other important document So maKe letters in those documents a little bit bigger/give them a different color, and let people collect all those letters and start puzzling. It should spell out a word at the end that they send by DM or a form to the community manager.