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    Brainstorm: SharePoint Team sites architecture


      Hello guys!


      Hope is all well!


      We are rethinking our SharePoint information architecture and we would like to take a look at other companies best practices and suggestions you might have! (based on your experience, and considering the integration with JIVE).

      Obs 1: The new structure should be compatible with JIVE for full integration of all content on SharePoint to JIVE platform.


      For a little context; Currently, our JIVE platform is structured by processes within our company (Procurement, Logistics, Sell, etc.). Each process is one space (community) and the component parts of this processes are the subspaces on each community.

      *Obs: A few of this component parts of processes are traversal to more than one process (e.g. Planning) and should be available on every community it is part of.


      Our current SharePoint architecture is organized on several team sites, that are used by areas are teams for documents repository and integration.


      Our goal is to remodel our SharePoint Team sites architecture in order to allow us to link all content on the SharePoint to this spaces on JIVE, considering JIVE limitations of linking only one Team site to each space.


      Based on your experience, could you describe/suggest a few SharePoint Team sites architectures you could recommend to meet the objectives listed above?


      Thank you very much!