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    Recent Change to Document Previewer?




      I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the recent change to the document previewer. We haven't upgraded our hosted instance in over a year, but I noticed the previewer changed a few weeks ago now.


      I haven't heard anything about why or seen information on the new benefits/features included and was curious to know if anyone else had any information on this.


      I'll admit I miss the search feature in the old version of the previewer, but it does seem to offer an overall improved user experience.




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          Lauren, it sounds like the document conversion settings have been changed to use the HTML5 preview instead of the Flash preview. It's something that can be enabled in the admin console in v9 - do you know if anyone would have changed this for your community?

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            If you are referring to a change here on AureaWorks, they recently upgraded to 9.0.4 which does indeed replace the Flash viewer with HTML5. (In fact, according to the documentation, that version removes all Flash dependencies.)


            We are running on-prem 8.0.5, and for various reason recently switched from the Flash viewer to HTML5. There are many things I prefer in the HTML5 viewer, but like you I miss the ability to search the file directly (instead of through the Jive search) and the in-line commenting feature. Luckily, all existing inline comments were retained, you just can't add any new ones.

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                Thank you Michelle Gantt.  To the best of my knowledge, this isn't something any of our admins changed, but now that you say that I see where you could make this change in the admin console. Looking back through cases and searching our private support cases, this wasn't discussed there either. This was a recent change, that seemed to show up overnight. Would Jive have made this change for all customers, regardless of their original settings?


                Thanks, G. Brett Miller, I was referring to the change in our Jive-n community on However, I do see AureaWorks has the same HTML5 feature enabled as well in 9.0.4. Your mention of inline comments was helpful--I hadn't thought of that yet.

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                    Hi Lauren,


                    I think the issue is what version you went from/to. The HTML5 option wasn't available until more recently. And I think the most recent releases no longer make that an optional setting. So it is possible that your "original settings" were ignored since Flash support has been deprecated by most providers (and I think also by Jive).

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                  Does anyone know if the search and note options will be added back in for html 5?