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    Tile-based homepage that is not the "News" page?


      So, I know what the official answer is for this, but I'm curious if any entrepreneurial CMs have come up with a workaround yet.


      Is there any possible way, through hacks, a consultant-engagement, an Aurea Professional Services engagement, etc. to get a homepage that utilizes tiles ... but is not the News page?


      Like, I want the old "widgetized-homepage," but with Tiles. I know that even the Aureworks homepage is not the News page. How do they accomplish this? Is it because they are on-prem?


      Two years after we made the switch to News, it has still not grown on people ... it looks funky, people don't understand how it works, my CEO hates it.


      It's kinda baffling to me that there's still not a solution for this yet. Anyway, if you've got a suggestion for me, I'd love to hear it. Thanks!


      Also, why is there a "News Tile" that is only available for use on the News page? That one is baffling to me, as well.


      Chris Cutler