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    Get original content ID of the Shared content

    hamerlis Novice

      I have a question related to content which is a share (type 2901).

      When I use this API:


      I get :


          "entityType": "2901",

          "id": "52154",

          "resources": {

              "entitlements": {

                  "allowed": [



                  "ref": "https://givaudan-sandbox.jiveon.com/api/core/v3/contents/129435/entitlements"


              "followingIn": {

                  "allowed": [




                  "ref": "https://givaudan-sandbox.jiveon.com/api/core/v3/contents/129435/followingIn"


              "followers": {

                  "allowed": [



                  "ref": "https://givaudan-sandbox.jiveon.com/api/core/v3/contents/129435/followers"


              "self": {

                  "allowed": [



                  "ref": "https://givaudan-sandbox.jiveon.com/api/core/v3/contents/129435"


              "html": {

                  "allowed": [



                  "ref": "https://givaudan-sandbox.jiveon.com/groups/test-groep-place/blog/2019/01/09/header"



          "followerCount": 0,

          "followed": true,

          "published": "2019-03-13T15:56:38.505+0000",

          "tags": [],

          "updated": "2019-03-13T15:56:38.505+0000",

          "iconCss": "jive-icon-blog",

          "parentPlace": {

              "id": "2057",

              "html": "https://givaudan-sandbox.jiveon.com/groups/opentext-community",

              "placeID": "60074",

              "name": "OTCS (OpenText Content Server) Community",

              "type": "group",

              "uri": "https://givaudan-sandbox.jiveon.com/api/core/v3/places/60074",

              "iconCss": "jive-icon-group"


          "contentID": "129435",

          "author": {..},

          "content": {

              "text": "<body><!-- [DocumentBodyStart:716b6b3c-b01a-4df5-85d0-1605a0fd9523] --><div class=\"jive-rendered-content\"><p>content</p></div><!-- [DocumentBodyEnd:716b6b3c-b01a-4df5-85d0-1605a0fd9523] --></body>",

              "editable": false,

              "type": "text/html"


          "parent": "https://givaudan-sandbox.jiveon.com/api/core/v3/places/60074",

          "status": "published",

          "subject": "This is a Blog Post within Test Group Place",

          "viewCount": 0,

          "visibleToExternalContributors": false,

          "parentVisible": true,

          "parentContentVisible": true,

          "lastActivity": 1552492598505,

          "abuseCount": 0,

          "type": "2901",

          "lastActivityDate": "2019-03-13T15:56:38.505+0000"


      -> I would like to get the contentID of the shared content, the ID of the share.


      I am aware of the Share service, but this does not work, using the ID:



          "error": {

              "code": "objectNotFound",

              "message": "Missing share 52154",

              "status": 404




      Any help would be very appreciated !

        • Re: Get original content ID of the Shared content
          gopi.gorantala Advanced

          This is a mess.. Jive share is a real mess.


          example: Lets say if I share a piece of content with 4000 people, then you get a shareID and when you hit the share-endpoint you see a huge pile of JSON with 1000's of lines instead it has to be in a paginated manner.


          How to get a shareID :

          Follow the steps

          1. "person-X" shares a piece of content to "person-Y"

          2. Now you have to go to "person-Y" inbox

          3. hover your mouse on the content link(screenshot below) and at the last you see the shareID, in the screenshot below my shareID is 71945

          4. Now hit the endpoint , ex: in my case "/api/core/v3/shares/71945"( please make sure you hit this endpoint with super admin privileges)

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