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    Custom developed internal tile is not getting rendered on a private domain

    shobha Beginner

      Hi Team ,


      I have developed simple custom internal tile on my local instance using ngrok and it works fine on my local instance . When I uploaded the same on our private domain i.e, on UAT instance the custom tile wont be rendered , cause its not the public facing domain . It would be helpful if anyone here can  provide the steps on how to make the custom tiles work on private domain .


      Seeing below errors in my developers console.

      jive-core-container:container:core:rpc:open-views:selection:actions.js?c=1&container=default:120 Failed to preload gadget https://<private.domain.com>/advanced-search-tile/view.html?features=responsive,tile,core-v3,jq-1.11&ts=1554989792374&syn_app=liz0e&ref_liz0e=tileInstance:11999.

      b @ jive-core-container:container:core:rpc:open-views:selection:actions.js?c=1&container=default:120

      jive-core-container:container:core:rpc:open-views:selection:actions.js?c=1&container=default:122 Detailed error: 404 Unable to retrieve spec for https://<private.domain.com>/advanced-search-tile/view.html?features=responsive,tile,core-v3,jq-1.11&ts=1554989792374&syn_app=liz0e&ref_liz0e=tileInstance:11999. HTTP error 404


      Seeing below error on addons upload page .


      I had gone through available discussions and blogs for the tile development in Jive Developers and Jive Plugin Developer community but could not find the appropriate solution on how to make the custom tile work on private domain. Please advise.


      Best regards,