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    A poll tile?


      I see there was some discussion (locked) about this a couple of years ago Ability to view polls on a page? but nothing since. As we've been promised for ages that there would eventually be tile parity, I'm wondering if there is any plan to have a poll tile where you can view and vote on a poll. This is one of those small things that make engagement so much better on a poll. If you can feature a poll on a page and users have the ability to vote on it with out having to click through, it's much easier. This widget functionality worked great and now that we are moving from Jive 8 to Cloud and I am focused on using more tile-based groups, I was hoping to see this kind of functionality would have caught up.


      Xhevair "Jev" Maskuli - is there any plan to make this a thing? Also, with the way I've seen Aurea folks recently talking about tiles in general, it seems that you are heading in the direction of having them be an additional cost with extension packs, rather than part of Jive core. I'm hopeful that tile parity is still something you are focused on, and not at an additional cost to customers.


      FYI Becky Dozier