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    get bookmark/favorite details via api

    perry124 Novice

      The information provided in the api documentation doesn't seem to match with what im actually getting when I refer to a bookmarked item via GET /contents/{contentID} as explained in the documentation.

      Any help will be greatly appreciated.


      Documentation - Jive REST API v3.14 → Favorite entity


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          mattj18 Jive SME



          When using GET /contents/{contentID} , the contentID should be the contentID of the favorite/bookmark object, not the content that is bookmarked.


          For example, you may bookmark the content: https://preview-jive.jiveon.com/docs/DOC-3122-version-test-in-2018-v1docx  It has the contentID: 31058 (https://preview-jive.jiveon.com/api/core/v3/contents/31058 )


          However, the favorite/bookmark object will have a different contentID: 31406.  When looking at the favorite/bookmark object, it should have "entityType": "favorite" & "type": "favorite". This will help to make sure you are looking at the right item.


          https://preview-jive.jiveon.com/api/core/v3/contents/31406  [Note: bookmarks are normally only visible to to the creator of the object so you would get a 401 error trying to access it. I also collapsed some fields in the response below to make it more readable]

          "entityType": "favorite",
          "id": "1261",
          "resources": {},
          "followerCount": 0,
          "followed": false,
          "published": "2019-06-17T19:36:57.031+0000",
          "tags": [],
          "updated": "2019-06-17T19:36:57.031+0000",
          "iconCss": "jive-icon-document-bookmark",
          "parentPlace": {},
          "contentID": "31406",
          "author": {},
          "content": {},
          "status": "published",
          "subject": "Version test in 2018 v2.docx",
          "visibleToExternalContributors": false,
          "parentVisible": true,
          "parentContentVisible": true,
          "lastActivity": 1560800217031,
          "abuseCount": 0,
          "favoriteObject": {},
          "private": false,
          "type": "favorite",
          "typeCode": 800,
          "lastActivityDate": "2019-06-17T19:36:57.031+0000"
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