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    Installation of Jive

    stanislavp Novice

      I want to know from where I can download the JIVE rpm I want to build up a test environment which is part of my project.

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          john_reynolds Guru

          Hi Stanislav,


          Always a question with more questions, but here it goes


          IF you're an on-premise Jive client


          If you're looking for a true RPM to set up an environment to run as test or pre-production, then your license needs to account for that. In other words, you need to be not Jive Cloud or not Jive Hosted.


          If that is good, then you need to be listed as the contact to see the downloads. Someone in your company's org has to be associated with the account, but often it's not the technical person. You can find out from Aurea who that person is.


          If that is good, then you can download the RPMs from this community, using the "My Jive Licenses" in the Apps menu at the top fo this page


          From there, you'll have access to all the RPMs from different O/Ss and older versions as well



          In here you will also get your license key that will allow you to run the environment in development mode



          IF you're a developer that just wants to set up a local dev environment, you would follow something like this Build and Run Your Local Jive Customization , though note it might not be the latest instructions. The one thing you'll need for this is Maven access, which you can also get with a support ticket


          Happy to help if you get stuck

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