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    Combining or Merging a Profile After Name Change

    david.r.williams@questdiagnostics.com Novice

      Hello Everyone,

      I have someone who changed their name, and because of our SSN, after their name was changed, they no longer have access to the content they previously created.  Is there a way in which I would be able to merge or combine their profile so they keep their access to their old documentation?


      Thank you,

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          mattj18 Jive SME

          There have been previous conversations about this. The shirt answer is, "No", it is not easily possibly. Some people have wrote custom scripts to do it but nothing exists in the standard version of Jive.


          However, there is one creative solution I am aware of that might work. It involves your SSO method and how it maps to user accounts. You re-map the SSO for the specific user. The user's new credentials will map back to the old Jive account with the old content and permissions. There are a lot of variables such as LDAP, Federate/Non-federated, email addresses, usernames, other unique ids, names, and possibly other things that could interfere. It is hard to say it this will work since everyone's Jive configuration is unique. I would need more information before going into more detail.