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    Identifying Community's FTL files and overriding them


           I'm developing some functionality for Jive 2.5.4 which involves including some custom javascript code only in the templates of the Space's view.

           I could identify some of this templates by reading the actions in struts-community.xml, others by trial and error in CLASSES/TEMPLATES/GLOBAL.


          I would like to know a better way to identify this templates,  because when I see a url like :




           The procedure would be to search for the "poll-post" action in struts-community.xml, to get the name of the FTL being displayed.


           But when the url is :




           It's difficult.


           Is there another xml file I should take a look at?  Where can I see the url-template relationships ? And.. is it available a way to override this url-template name relationship, for example... in a similar way to uploading a plugin (overriding actions by extending the specified package in struts-community, in the plugin's struts.xml).


      I found http://www.jivesoftware.com/jivespace/docs/DOC-1110 (FTL Templates and Descriptions)


      But I would like to know of a possoble better approach/recommendations


      Thanks so much.