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    Adding drop-down list in widget edit settings

      Hello everyone and Jive team,


      This post http://www.jivesoftware.com/jivespace/thread/36436 said that in order to enter a drop down list under the edit settingsyou sort of have to hardcode the data in widget-props.ftl file, at least that's what I got from it. I did though just finish developing a reusable drop-down by modifying the  widget-props.ftl file, and it it works just like adding a radio button or text box in the edit settings.


      However I would like to know if Jive reccommends that kind of action? Like modifying their own files, and if so how would much would it affect if we installed a Jive update in the future? What do you guys think?


      Before I share the code to the community I do have to get my manager and software architect approval first, but before I go talk with them I do need my answers answered first, otherwise I would just waste their time.









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          We generally don't recommend changing core files, because it can cause upgrade issues in the future, however, it's not always possible to accomplish what you need without touching a core file. You are correct that the only way to provide a drop down select list in the widget properties is to edit the core widget properties file. If the need for that functionality offsets the pain of having to manually merge your changes to that file with any future change to the core file, then it is acceptable.