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    Widget Animation

      Hello everyone,


      I am thinking about adding some animations to a widget that I am developing. I was wondering if you guys know how to handle animations within a widget. I was thinking about using CSS and Javascript but I need to do some rotations and this would be only in CSS 3.0. Is there a way to do that using the backend Java? Or what do you guys recommend? Some examples would be great.





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          The best way to do animations in a widget is to leverage jquery or prototype/scriptaculous in the widget ftl. Both should automatically be available and included in the page, and provide a number of possible animations.
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              Thanks for the info.

              I was wondering if you could provide an example on how to handle the "animation".


              I guess right now what I am trying to accomplish is to change the value of a text within a specific amount of time. But I would need to call that code behind written in java. I deally I would have to reload that widget after a specific amount of time without reloading the whole page.


              Would I have to handle that via javascript & AJAX? And if so is there any documentation or example that you can provide?