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    Using theme per community

    arun.988@gmail.com Novice

      Hi All,


      Basically My requeirement is I want to disable the overview Tab for a specific community.

      I tried by editing main.ftl in a theme and mapped that theme to the community which i supposed to apply that feature

      but it did n't work. Can anybody tell am i doing the right thing and please give me some suggistions also.




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          Hi Arun,


          The main.ftl is for the root community.  If you want to remove the Overview tab for a specific community under the root community, you'll want to theme community.ftl.  Another approach would be to modify the community-tabs overview ui component in your plugin.xml so that the <when> clause evaluates to false on your target community:


          <component id="community-tabs">
                  <tab id="overview"
                      <name><![CDATA[<@s.text name="comnty.tab.overview" />]]></name>
                      <description><![CDATA[<@s.text name="comnty.tab.overview.desc" />]]></description>
                      <when><![CDATA[CommunityPermHelper.isCommunityAdmin(community) || action.isHasCustomized()]]></when>
                          <![CDATA[<@s.url value='${JiveResourceResolver.getJiveObjectURL(community)}'/>?view=overview<#if tagSet?exists>&tagSet=${tagSet.ID?c}</#if>]]></url>


          Hope that helps!