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    Facebook intergration

      I am not sure if this is the correct  place to have this conversation, but I will give it a try. We have been developing facebook fan pages and I would like to explore what are some ways that we could start to connect facebook to clearspace. I guess it dose not stop there just an over all strategies for integration with other social media sites; facebook, twitter, myspace, flickr, youtube.......the list could go on and on. Any comments or ideads would be greatly appreciated.

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          Hi John,


          There is a Facebook plugin for Clearspace.


          We are working on updating it for our next release.


          It should be available here shortly around that timeframe.


          Some of the other plugins listed there might be useful for you as well.

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            Thanks for that info. I have not seen the Facebook plugin, is it publicly avalivble? Could you share on what it actuly dose to intergrate with facebook. Is this a profile plugin or a widget?

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              Here's what the original version provided:


              The Facebook plugin integrates the users' Facebook profiles into Clearspace while allowing each user to control how (or if) their Facebook information is shown. A reduced set of Facebook features is displayed including Profile, Education and Work, Photos, Friends, Groups, and Other information. The user can choose exactly which piece of information is displayed by changing the settings under "Choose Facebook Details". Users can also disconnect their Facebook profile from Clearspace if they no longer want to share it. After installing, each user profile will have a Facebook Profile tab; for those users not participating, the tab will include a message stating that "No Facebook profile information is available for this user".
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                Sounds very cool, any idea when I will be able to get my hands on it? I can not find it on the site at all.

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                  You might be interested in another step forward made recently regarding integrating Facebook for the enterprise...this time a little more centered on the UX.  See Gia's recent blog post.

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                    Ted Hopton

                    Any updates on the original Facebook integration plugin mentioned earlier in this thread? We have the Facebookish plugin and like it, but people have asked for ways to pull in their Facebook status, for example, so we'd be interested in ways to actually bridge between Clearspace/SBS and Facebook.