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    Hiring a Community Manager for Internal Collaboration

      We have a position open for a Community Manager. I have not seen any postings for open CM positions on this site, so I'm asking the community if that would be acceptable. The Community Guidelines talk to marketing and sales and posting content that forwards the community. This walks a fine line. So my questions are:


      1. Are job postings okay for this community?

      2. If they are not, then I am interested in anyones thoughts on the best places to post CM type job postings..


      Thank You,

      Steve Cook

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          Good question.  I think it makes sense but I'll chat with my co-community Manager, Barry, and see his thoughts.  Potentially could end up creating a space relating to social business software positions that these types of posts can call home.  Very simple to do but need to make sure we're aligned.


          Probably by early next week I'll post an answer here.  In the mean time, I'd love to hear anybody else's thoughts or ideas on this suggestion.  In the end, this community is helping people succeed at their social business software endeavors.  In that respect, I can't think of anything more important than having the right resources in place to help craft and execute these strategies, so makes sense to me to dedicate an area for it.




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            I think it's a great idea to have a dedicated space in Clearstep for this. Job postings drive traffic, rise in search results, and generally add value to a website or online community.


            I'd like to suggest trying something along the lines of a model I have developed for making a space into a "knowledgebase." I planned to post in this community about it, anyway, so as to share it with others, but it's really easier to demonstrate than it is to explain.


            If Barry and/or Adam wants to take a look at it in our internal instance, I'd be happy to arrange that. Maybe I could record a demo, too, but I'm not sure when I would find time to do that -- already buried with tasks related to managing our community. Still, I'd love to share this with others.



            I went ahead and wrote up what we've done. Check it our here: RSS Macro


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              Might me a good idea. I know I get people asking for other community manager looking for work.

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                So we're listening and will soon be acting on your suggestion.  Coming soon...a space devoted to community manager job postings.  We'll try to aggregate some of the various sources out there as well as enable members to post openings directly in the space itself.


                Look for something towards the end of next week.


                In the mean time, anybody know of some good social software job posting sites that we can pull into this newly created space via RSS, etc.?  We know of a few where we can pull feeds in but if we can't for some, at the least we'll provide links to the various sites.  Also, if there's any suggestions for what people would like to see layout-wise please chime in.  Let's make it happen!


                Thanks again Steve.



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                  Has a space been provided for job postings? I can't seem to find it but I am very keen on finding an internal community management position, I am absolutely committed to  the whole concept of social networking in business, but these positions are rare in Canada.