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    How is Clearspace SBS used to create the Clearstep Website?




      We are just getting our first company website put together using Clearspace SBS and our business leaders really like the layout of the Clearstep website.  We'd like to be able to use Clearspace's functionality "out-of-the-box" as much as possible because it does so many things just the way we'd like to use them.  The point of this question is the following, the Clearstep website has the user bar at the top, a nice navigational "widget" without borders at the top, and the usual suspect widgets below.  Can we achieve the same layout with using the "out-of-the-box" features, or do we need to develop a "custom" home page?  Specifically, can we insert a graphic or a flash app (that doesn't have a standard Jive widget border) into the home page using standard administration tools?


      P.S.  Sorry if this question is inappropriate for this forum.  I will be happy to move it per suggestion.  Thanks.