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    GUI testing tools


      I'm looking for suggestions on GUI testing tools.  I've got Selenium currently.  But I noticed an issue with some actions.  It looks like some of the selections on the Places accordion are generating numeric id's on the end of the selections.  That makes true navigation testing a bit more challenging.  Has anybody found a way around this?  Or am I limited on the navigation and have to resort to basically coding the specific urls of the sub pages I wish to test?


      Just looking for thoughts or suggestions.





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          Hi Steve Keener,


          I'm working on creating UI tests using Cucumber-JVM & Selenium (using the Selenium 2 API).  I've haven't run into many issues using Chrome + Firefox.  Lately I have been having problems with IE and since its our company's primary browser it's been our priority to get them running in IE.  I've been having issues around clicking objects & finding objects with detailed xpaths.  Since IE doesn't support xpaths I've been trying to convert them to Javascript (for another time).


          To get around the issue that you've mentioned I've been using xpaths, grabbing objects by class name (and then sorting for the object I want), and text values when possible; since the ids seem to be dynamically generated it pretty much makes them impossible to use.  It would be nice if we could somehow create our own ids (or html attributes) for these Jive objects so it would make the automation easier.


          I'm not sure if anyone else has figured out a better solution.  This is what I had come up with; I hope this helps!


          -Cynthia Wu