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    Top 2 Issues

    Ted Hopton

      Hey Dan,


      Here are the two things I most urgently need help with. Once these are resolved I should be able to move forward in developing a number of useful custom reports.


      1) Really really need a way to filter so only currently enabled accounts appear in reports. I suspect there is some mix-up in terminology. I created a report that displays Enabled? and for every single account it showed N (except for the Jive admin, which was Y). My own account returned as N.


      So, none of the profile field reports are useful at this point, since they pull in thousands of inactive (disabled) accounts.


      2) I can't figure out how to return records where criteria are *not* met. For example, I want a report to display all the user accounts where the phone number is missing or where the UBM Company field has not been populated. These are the people we need to go after and pester, so it's critical information to have.


      I'd also like to be able to simply have those empty records show up in a complete report. So, for example, a report on all users showing their UBM Company and phone number would include those accounts where data is missing.

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          Thanks for the feedback, Ted - will get you a response as soon as I can.

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              Hey Ted,


              We have made some adjustments to the "Enabled Y/N" filter (so that it actually works).


              Also, we have added a new report "Missing Member Profile Values".  This report will return a list of users who have not entered a value for a specified Profile Field(s) (you can pick the fields you want it to query against). The report will return a list of users and the fields of those members that are filled out (and can be used to filter).


              Give it a look and let me know if you feel this is the right approach.




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                  Ted Hopton

                  Hi Dan,


                  Super that I can now get a report showing people whose profiles are missing values -- that's tremendously valuable information. I tried copying it and tweaking it, but I guess the filter you've built is pretty complicated -- I can't change it without breaking it. So, here's what I'd like to change in the Missing Member Profile Values report:


                  1. There's no reason to ever run this report for Disabled accounts, so the filter should include Enabled accounts only, with no option to select Disabled accounts. I was able to add that as a selectable filter, but that's an extra and unnecessary step.
                  2. Similarly, I can't think of a single reason why the Creation date is useful on this report. We're reporting on current information -- what's in the database right now -- so how does Creation date come into play? I'd cut that column and also remove the filter labels related to it in the header.
                  3. On the other hand, Datetime of latest activity would be useful, as we could see whether incomplete profiles are associated with inactivity. Not a critical need, but I'd suggest swapping this in for the Creation Datetime column.
                  4. Most community managers aren't going to deal with this report at the highest level. They are going to share it with people in specific parts of the organization. In our case, I will share it with each division (UBM Company). So, I'd like an easy way to break the report out by UBM Company.
                    1. One option: Ideally, break the report into sections by UBM Company, with a heading for each one showing the UBM Company. However, I wonder if you can do this -- the UBM Company value could be missing, so there would need to be a catch-all section of the report for those where it's missing. I have no idea how to do that...
                      1. To make this a flexible report for any organization to use, make the field that will be used for the sections selectable in the initial query when you run the report. But I don't need that, personally.
                    2. Make UBM Company a sortable field in the report, so I can choose to sort it that way and then when I dump it into Excel to distribute it people can find their division's employees easily. Right now, if I tried to sort in Excel the list would get completely jumbled, and I'd rather not have to sort in Excel at all.
                      1. If this is not feasible, an alternative would be to make the Member Name appear on every row. I like that it's easier to read now, but being able to easily manipulate the report data in Excel outweighs the nicer look, I'd say.
                    3. Another option: Add UBM Company to the query so it can be selected before the report is run. I can then copy the report 20 times and select each company and save that version, so every month I run 20 reports. Not a really attractive option, but would get the results I need.

                  That's all I've had time come up with so far. Very excited to see this moving forward!