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    Custom Input Forms in Document Creation

      Hello. I am attempting to create some kind of FTL templete or plugin to accomplish a task and wanted to throw a feeler out there to see from an experienced community what the best way to accomplish this would be.The end goal is to have one space have a custom doc-create.jspa that has more forms on it, like some text fields, and some drop down boxes. Another goal is to accomplish this with as little coding as possible because I am not too great of a programmer.


      I am looking to make a custom for for a single space when creating a document. Instead of the default text input editor that clearspace currently has, I would like to add some fields then have them concatenate to a document. Right now in a non-technical way, it looks like clearspace creates a document by taking the title body tags and attachments and saving them as a document, well, I would like to just add a couple of html fields to it.


      I could see this working like this, there would be some fields in the same div as the body, but before. These fields would all concatenate in a text way to a variable, this variable would be fixed to the body of the document and this would be submitted the same way that a document is submitted now. I hope this is not terribly written and hard to understand, but any help on figuring out how to do this would be stellar and greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.