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    SharePoint and Jive

      Has anyone started implementing the Jive SharePoint Connector?  I'd love to get some feedback on your implementation.

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          I accepted your friend request.  I am a Technology Manager at LiquidHub Consulting.  We have a Collaboration vertical with seasoned professionals in Social Networking applications and also tons of experience with Sharepoint.  We are system integrators.  Although we have not yet participated in a Sharepoint/Jive Software integration project, that would totally fit in with the kinds of projects we implement.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss further.  Thanks.

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            Hi Janine,

              There are a couple customers that have done implementations using the SharePoint Connector. Let me check back at Jive for one of the case studies I think you would find valuable.




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              There is a rich, related discussion here: Sharepoint 2010 vs Jive SBS

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                  What about MOSS 2007? I've been having trouble finding good hands on info about it. The blog mentioned before doesn't go into enough detail. The impression I get from the documentation that I have read is that it's a pretty 1-sided integration, with Jive been able to display any specific list but the best it seems we can do SharePoint-side is display all activity for a group rather than being able to use Jive discussion or Jive blog in both places. It also seems to just add links on SharePoint side that let you go over to Jive. Our hope was to really integrate the two tools rather than just make them talk to eachother.


                  Also, the blog linked above mentions a social document wrapper that would allow commenting and rating on WSS documents but I cannot find any reference to this feature outside of the one line in the blog.

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                      The core concept of the integration is around presenting SharePoint content inside Jive and to provide the ability to work with it in both side , once you are connecting a site to a Jive group you can use a doc and a calendar  from SharePoint and from Jive , in addition  we are supporting adding Jive's webparts on SP .  

                      we are currently working on the next version of the integration which will allow much more SharePoint functionality inside Jive and Jive functionality inside SP, for example you will be able to have the Jive groups's UX inside SharePoint and to search and link any SharePoint content from Jive.