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    Groups v. Spaces Redux  Groups v. Spaces Redux

      Restarting a discussion that took place several years ago.



      • We have an ecosystem of communities that are organized into clusters based on audience type.
      • Groups are currently not enabled.
      • Some communities have private communities. CMs want those private communities to manifest the members - members see other members.
      • We are moving to SBS V4 in the next few weeks.



      We are looking into the impact of adding groups to our  'offering' of spaces.


      Questions include:

      • What is the process for migrating a private community to a private group?
      • How is search affected? How are user points impacted?
      • What practical operational issues should we be concerned with?


      Interested in hearing from JIVE and users.  Thanks!

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          Hi Susan,


          Saw it's been a couple days since your post so I'll jump in here and hope others jump in to share perspectives as well.  We recently went thru a bit of a revamp here on Jivespace where the private communities we use for support (one community per client) were migrated to private groups.  I'm going to forward this thread to a few of the support people who lead that part of the revamp to jump in but to your q's around search and points, that's not really impacted - meaning, if someone had access to a private space in the past and now it's a private group when they search in either case it will pull back any and all info that they have permissions to see that matches the search.  And points for creating discussions/docs/etc. are all the same whether in a sub-community or group.



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            Hi Susan,


            As Adam mentioned, when we upgraded to v4.0 we moved from permissioned (private) spaces for our Support to membership based Secret groups.


            To answer one of your questions directly, there is no actual process in SBS to move from a private community to a private group. We did it via a customization which moved all content from spaces, to a freshly created social group for each of those spaces. The one thing that we didn't have to do was grant access to users to the new groups, as we synch the users when they log in; this means that the next time a customer logged into Jivespace after our upgrade, they were placed into their newly created social group. That wouldn't be the case for you, and you'd have to add additional customization to make sure members of the (old) private spaces were added as social group members for the migrated spaces.


            Regarding the operational issues, the biggest for us was communication and a way to find the new social group instead of the private space. Most had it bookmarked so it wasn't as easy as updating links on our website, we instead needed to auto-redirect users to the social group if they tried to go to the old space.


            Your context of "members see other members" was one of the most compelling reasons for us to move from Spaces to Groups, though we had previously used the Group Membership Widget to display the members of the permission group who had access to the private spaces.


            Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions