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    Where did my point go?


      I was adding a lot of content to a group, i.e., earning points.  When the group was deleted, my points dropped by over half.  Why did this happen and how do I get my points back?

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          Billy Volpone



          Have you reached out to our support team regarding this issue? In some ways, what happened makes technical sense, since the content is no longer there neither are the points. But, from a real world perspective, you took those actions and you should keep those points.


          I'm not sure what a solution here may be, but I'll IM one of our support reps to reach out. However, do feel free to post this within your company related group if you'd like as well.



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            Billy is correct here that the content that was created in your social group was adding to your points, but after the content is deleted, your points reflect that change as well. Our status level points are not a running counter, they are based off of the content that still lives in the system.


            One of our PS engineers developed a more advanced status level plugin: Social Leaders that you might be interested in checking out!


            Let us know if you have any follow up questions