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    Group Vitality



      Does anyone have an easy way of measuring group vitality?  In my mind, the number of groups is not an indicator of success as lots of groups could be created but not being used.  However, if we could prove they are being used .......


      Many thanks in advance,


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          Hi Vicky,


          I think you have the Excel spreadsheet that extracts data from your datamart. If so - and if it hasn't been significantly modified - check out the Network - Groups tab. You'll see the following for a given period:


          • Popular Groups based on New Members Joined per Month
          • Top Groups by Participation
          • Top Groups by All Activity
          • Lowest Groups by Activity
          • Compound (newly created) Group Growth


          Let me know if this isn't the case, and I'll work with Paul and Geetha to get you what you need.



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            Hi Vicky,


            Once you have your metric, what do you plan to do with it?


            Is there a baseline that you can compare against?


            In general, what do you think of the vitality here at Jivespace?

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              I consider myself to be a guest here.


              In an effort to further spur discussion and contribute to the vitality of this group, I posted a link to an article I found online about group vitality.


              Today a Jive competitor commented to me regarding this discussion thread and my reference to one of their employee's blog postings.


              Having been a community manager, I would have been concerned if members in my community were linking to the competition's discussion.


              In the interest of being a good member of this community - I've deleted my post (w/link) from April 13.


              I apologize...


              - Gary