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    Documents Tables - Related to a Space


      I am trying to figure out why a count discrepancy exists - but I am stuck.


      I can look at a specific space online in Jive SBS 3.0 - the document tab let's me know that there are 89 documents.


      When I query the jivedw_document table for that space (container_id = nnnn and container_type = 14 / I am only retrieving for the single space), I get 101 rows returned.


      When I query the jiveDocument table (the true source of the document list), I get 101 rows returned.  I am happy that the operational and DW tables match in count!


      - What are the reasons that these numbers would be different by 12?


      I am thinking that the document remains but when it is deleted, the expirationdate is set????  There is no status field on the jivedw side of life.