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    New content type (Survey)


      Although Jive already have Poll but how if we want to do a survey with multiple polls?

      We know that there is SurveyMonkey outside. But it would be great if the survey is part of Jive but not owned by "SurveyMonkey"

      Because some of survey may be confidential for us.

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          April Jacobs

          I agree, we would love to be able to survey our customers in the community.

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            Hi Kipp Chambers - I'd like to see this too, and does it work in cloud?

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                Brennan Kirby / Steven Green - should probably reach out to share some of their tools they have created to do Surveys/Polls in Jive-n/x for Jive 7,8 and Cloud. =)


                For some high-level information, you can check it out here:

                TemboSocial Polls & Surveys - Jive Software


                Hope this helps.

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                    Steven Green

                    Thanks Ryan Rutan


                    TemboSocial Polls & Surveys are built for Jive and offer a very deep level of integration.  The tool set is quite robust and will allow you to:


                    - Surveys

                    - Learning and Development modules

                    - Build multi-question polls with advanced branching and targeted endings that lead participants to deeper content pages

                    - Quiz Polls to test knowledge and engage your audience

                    - Image polls (see screenshot below)

                    - Timed Polls that add a gamified experience with leaderboards to your Jive-x and Jive-n site

                    - Personality Polls where participants answer a number of questions and are presented with the 'reveal' to see which type they are.  We have done some really fun ones for M&M's, RBC and the *** and the City movie premier.


                    Additionally, the deep integration with Jive means that Profile Data is passed to the reporting (or you can run in 'anonymous mode').  Another great feature is the posting to the activity stream - for each poll or survey you can choose to post and can configure the posted content.  So, for example, in the case of a quiz, the activity stream could display, " Steven Green scored 30 out of 50 in the Health and Wellness Quiz. Take the quiz and see how you do." Leveraging network effects to drive participation.


                    We support Jive 6+ Hosted, Cloud and On-Prem

                    Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 12.02.49 PM.png



                    Feel free to let me or Brennan Kirby know if you would like a tour of the solution.




                    Steven Green