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    Awsome meeting, glad to meet so many

      Just an echo on the meeting.  We have tried a few times to be connected to the NE Jive folks so looking forward to knowing everyone more and exchanging BPs and what not to dos ;-)


      My take aways, several follow up lunches and sharing.  at 245 Summer in Boston so see folks soon I hope.


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          Julie -


          I will search for really solid documentation from our strategy consulting folks and post it here for the group as well.


          A few times a month we have Joey in town who is involved in numerous senior level business/technical discussions that might prove beneficial.

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            I'm delighted it turned out so well, also. And like you, I'm looking forward to more interactions - business and non-business alike - with folks like you.


            Best wishes.



              • Keeping the momentum going....

                I wanted to take a few minutes on a Sunday afternoon to thank every single person for being part of the 1st NE User Group Event hosted by EMC.


                It takes an army to pull off & support these type of collaborative get togethers.


                Megan & Angela - the glue for working behind the scenes with logistics, format, refreshments and content.


                Roy, Julie, Susan, Jennifer, Claire just to name a few who participated on all the calls to select the key topics.


                Bill - always great to see what's around the corner in the fastest growing enterprise s/w category (Social Business Software).


                So my question of the day is "Who wants to host the next NE User Group Conference" in late July? - We heard from ESPN & Fidelity as potential host companies.


                Here are a few links that I'd like to share with the entire group


                1. Get Social Tour for NYC (4/29) & Boston (6/18)  - http://www.jivesoftware.com/getsocialtour
                2. Charles Schwab Webcast on 4/23 - http://resources.jivesoftware.com/content/webcast_reg_schwab


                Have a great weekend and look forward to speaking to you all shortly.