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    ETL Settings Management


      Two questions regarding managing the ETL settings for Jive Analytics on a locally hosted install:


      1. Where in the admin console (or elsewhere) can I go to adjust the time when the ETL Stage to Data Mart process kicks off (and any other available ETL system properties)?  It appears to run 2am EST out of the box.


      2. Somewhat related to the question above .. is it possible to adjust the timezone that the timestamps (i.e. activity_ts) are logged to?





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          By default, analytics will run the nightly ETL data load process at 2am. This is controlled by a cron expression on the background task bean definition.


          If you need to change the time at which this process is kicked off you can add the following system property then perform an application restart:




          E.g. setting the value of the property spring.analyticsETLTask.cronExpression to "0 0 3 * * ?"


          will instruct SBS to kick off the analytics data load process at 3am everyday.



          It's typical cron syntax, just with seconds. So:


          spring.analyticsETLTask.cronExpression = 0 34 23 * * ?